Premier White Collar Boxing

Are you Ready To 
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Raise Money For Charity 
Get In Fantastic Shape 
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Premier White Collar Boxing offers people with no boxing experience the opportunity for an introduction to the amazing sport of boxing all whilst in a safe and enjoyable environment.

We are a platform for you to raise money for charity and get in fantastic shape at the same time!

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20+ Locations

Across The uk

8 Weeks Free Training

Worth £300

Thousands Raised For Charities across the UK

What People Have said about Premier White Collar Boxing

I couldn’t recommend Premier White Collar Boxing more, I had 0 boxing training before signing up, ‘Damo’ takes time 3 nights a week out of his time to come and coach you and doesn’t get paid for it! the whole experience was amazing from training to getting your shirts to the actual fight and the after care, even if you have never done anything like this before sign up and do it, it does great for confidence and taking you out your comfort zone! Massive thanks to everyone involved in organising the event all my guests had a great time!!
Premier White Collar Boxing has definitely changed my life. It’s shaped my diet for the better and it has now made me lose quite considerably a lot of weight and it’s made me a lot fitter
Mac Greenwood
8 weeks training plus some extra got me into great shape. Cant fault the team involved great bunch of guys. met lots of new friends, raised money for charity and ultimately had an amazing time. What a buzz!!!!!
Darrell Richards
Premier White Collar Boxing was amazing! The training was amazing and the training staff get you where you need to be with in the 8-9 weeks training! This helps you feel like you’ve made an achievement in yourself! Thank you so much to Andy who organised a brilliant event! I will be coming back again so cheers to everyone 👊
Yan Jerome Wilson