Premier White Collar Combat training safety

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White collar boxing has been around for a long time and has been seen an enjoyable sporting activity for thousands of participants, this is beneficial to health & wellbeing as well as a great one time experience when produced safely. The history of the sport goes back to New York in the 1980’s when a group Wall Street financiers and lawyers decided to train with professional boxers and instructors at the legendary Gleason’s gym in Brooklyn. The first fight was organised between the lawyer Richard Novak and the doctor in English literature David Lawrence and this was the birth of White Collar Boxing.

Throughout the years of successfully producing these events nationwide, I’ve come to realise that a correct and proper training camp is paramount. This has to include boxing specific instruction along with matchmaking so that the participant’s safety and can not be compromised. Unfortunately, these ethics aren’t always upheld, with certain promotional companies cutting corners and instead of working with experienced coaches there’s become a culture of enlisting none specific martial artists to teach the sport of boxing. This, in my opinion, can not be correctly supervised and is therefore dangerous.

Boxing is a specific sport that utilises movement range and space along with footwork, coordination, speed and dexterity. White collar boxing can be taught at a basic level with everyone beginning on the same page and ability standard. We understand that certain participants will excel at different speeds, this should easily get picked up by a competent Boxing instructor and will reflect in the ultimate matchmaking process. Martial arts are by their own rights fantastic combat sports, however, they are not Boxing and should not be misunderstood as boxing. It’s essential that you’re happy and confident that your coach can manage you safely throughout training and competently into the event.

As a participant of Premier White Collar Combat, we understand that you may wish to research the safety procedures of the actual event so you can be assured that the protocols cover every possible outcome, and rightly so! However, it’s my belief that your first point of safety begins the second you step inside the gym and of this, we will not be compromised. The medical cover and procedures at events are always gold standard with corner teams, referee, timekeeper and paramedics properly briefed before the first bout. We do expect the guys who trained you to attend the event and advise you throughout your fight as part as the corner team, we absolutely do not send people to the events that you’ve never met before.

Finally, I’d like to advise that whoever you choose to sign up for that you’re certain that they follow the correct path and don’t cut corners, this is the difference between having a poor experience or a great one! Remember the event is just one day, the 8 week build-up to fight day has to be remembered for the right things. So why not click the link on the website and sign up to an experience you’ll never forget, raise money for a charity of YOUR choice and meet a bunch of new people you’re likely to stay friends with for life.

Yours sincerely,

Andy Sampson PWCC
Cos Life Starts Where Your Comfort Zone Ends.